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Welcome – Shifkhada

This site provides news and highlights for the new science fiction novel Lamikorda

The Alplai have lived in peace and prosperity for centuries, spreading beyond their homeworld’s single continent into floating cities on its vast oceans, and colonizing the planets and moons of their solar system. Now, a massive alien vessel has come, carrying over a million colonists in cryogenic stasis from a devastated world.

Ganak, the recently appointed Commissioner for Space Exploration, advocates that the Terai be allowed to settle in the newly prepared Eastern Sector of the planet Totrana. The proposal is approved, and the avian-descended Alplai work with this strange mammalian species to help them build a new home.

But not all the Alplai welcome these creatures. Many are concerned about their warlike past, and when a new disease erupts on Totrana, the aliens are quickly blamed. Despite their contributions, the Terai face discrimination and harassment. How far can Ganak use his influence to help, and what leaders will emerge amongst them as they strive to build a new life?

More to come … Meanwhile, visit the sibling website for the novel’s constructed languages HERE